• 1. Account: After you registered, please double check your info under account. Although only your phone number is needed to register, we suggest inputting other info in particular your user name and e-mail. Your user name for example is used in the gift feature to allow the recipient of the gift to know who is the person sending the gift. Your email address is needed if you want us to send you payment receipt, confirmation of gift amount either received or sent etc.
  • 2. Billing: You will know exactly how much you are being charged right away for every call you made. There is no hidden fee. Your billing history and account balance is automatically updated and displayed right on your app under history and under Account right away after each phone call you made (Note: the server may sometimes take up to a few minutes to synchronize with and refresh your app).
  • 3. You can add, delete or update a contact from either your phone contact list or from GoIDD contact list then synchronize by going to GoIDD contact list, pull down on the contact page then release it. It may take a few minutes for the servers to update the contact lists.
  • 4. To check for a rate, just enter the phone number on the dial pad and the rate will be displayed next to it. For an existing contact, the rate is displayed just to the right of the number.
  • 5. VIRTUAL NUMBERS: We got such an awesome feedback from our users for this feature. This is part of the ideal and reason why we started GoIDD. We want family and friends to be able to communicate with each other and not to worry about the typical expensive international calls. We have to solve the issue of not only making outgoing calls inexpensive but also to allow our users to receive calls without having their family and friends paying expensively to make the calls. The solution for cheap ingoing calls was more difficult to resolve but we were able to do just that with VIRTUAL NUMBERS. For many users, this feature allows for the first time, their family and friends to contact them cheaply from overseas. They told us that this feature improves the relationship with their family and friends. It was life-changing for many of our users. For significantly cheaper than a prepaid phone card, family and friends can now make unlimited calls to you from overseas by dialing a local Virtual Number. They see and dial your international number but our technology uses a virtual number (which is a behind-the-scene local number that is not visible to the caller) to make that international call equivalent to the price of an inexpensive local call. To make this feature even better, we allows that Virtual Number to follows you wherever you are with a forwarding option.
  • 6. To check a country code just tap on the flag inside the dial box and a list of countries with their associated flag will appear. Just tap on the appropriate country then the country code for that country will appear.
  • 7. On the upper right corner, you will see the WiFi or Data sign. It shows which connection is currently available but does NOT show the strength of the connection. Thus sometimes, you may not be able to make a voice call despite seeing that WiFi or cellular data is available. The connection is present but not strong enough to carry a voice call. If no connection is available at all, then you will see a grayish WiFi sign with a bar across and the word “Offline” in red just under it. The app will automatically switch back and forth between WiFi and Data depending on what is available and what connection is stronger giving priority to WiFi which is usually free or cheaper than cellular data. Sometime despite having WiFi (WiFi icon appears in green in the upper right corner of the app), the signal may be too weak to carry a voice call. Thus you may dial a number and no call goes through and the screen just shows “Terminating” without a ring tone despite seeing the green WiFi sign. In that case, either the person you called did not respond to your call or the internet connection, although present, is too slow to carry a voice call. You may want to turn off your Wi-Fi and turn on your cellular data to make your voice call. The reverse is also true whereas Data become weak and WiFi become stronger, then you switch back to WiFi by turning it back on. If you are in an area where both the Wi-Fi and Data are weak, then you can still use Call-through to make your call. This feature is unique from GoIDD to allow our user to make a call go through when there is weak or no Wi-Fi or Data available. You are able to make an international call despite having no Internet connection but essentially paying the equivalent of a local call ( Note: that call is charged by your cellular network provider and not by GoIDD)You are using your cellular provider to make a local connection to GoIDD network which then allows you to make your international call. Call-through also allows you to make calls even when moving rapidly from one area to others as in driving or in a moving train. You may be moving in and out in multiple WiFi coverage areas in a matter of minutes and Call-through prevent your call from being dropped when you are moving out from an area covered by WiFi.
  • 8. You may experience a drop in your call while calling. Usually nothing is wrong with your app, but you may be experiencing a transient drop in the signal of the local Wi-Fi network or Data below the threshold to carry a voice call. This may happen even though you are standing still in one location as that signal strength does vary sometime quite a bit over time. In that case you may move to an area with a better connection or try to switch from WiFi to Data or vice-versa. If that does not work then switch to Call-through (the local cellular network) to make your voice call.
  • 9. When you are moving fast (on a car or train), we suggest to not use WiFi as your call will be dropped or interrupted each time you move out of one Wi-Fi covered area to another. Use Call-through instead or possibly cellular data to make your voice call.
  • 10. To use Call-through, you must set it first by choosing call through option and pick a Call-through number. When you need to use call-through, just tap on the WiFi or DATA sign and a menu will drop allowing you to turn Call-through on. After you are done with the Call-through. DO NOT FORGET to turn it off right away after you make your Call-through call, to go back to WiFi or DATA connection so that you do not get charged by the local carrier when not using Call-through feature.
  • 11. LOCATION: You can share your location by clicking on location under chat. It is located on the far right after you click on the + sign. You may have to swipe the bar all the way to the right to see the location button. For privacy purpose, this feature only display the location at the time you push on the location button. If you move to a new location, the app will not show your new location unless you click on that feature again.
  • 12. Virtual number: This is a local number for your friend to call you from oversea. You are the one paying for it. You can forward this number to any phone or multiple phones of your chosen anytime and anywhere in the world. In other words, this number follows you wherever you are in the worlds and you can manage this feature right from your app.
  • 13. GIFT: The receiver of the gift will receive a pop-up message and/or e-mails (if available) when you send a gift. Both receiver and sender of the gift will have a record of the transaction in their respective e-mails (if available) and in chat.


  • 1. What is the name GoIDD come from?
  • 2. Why should I use GoIDD for my calls and SMS when there are other communication applications out there that are for free?
  • 3. Do I need WiFi or 3G / 4G data to make international calls?
  • 4. Do I need WiFi or 3G / 4G data to make international SMS?
  • 5. How does Call-Through work?
  • 6. How do I set up the Call-Through feature when travelling?
  • 7. Does GoIDD work everywhere?
  • 8. What are FREE calls between GoIDD users?
  • 9. What is the meaning of GoIDD statuses?


  • 1. What is a Virtual Number?
  • 2. Why use Virtual Numbers?
  • 3. Can I get more than one Virtual Number for my account?
  • 4. Can I choose my own Virtual Number?
  • 5. I cannot receive calls through my Virtual Number?


  • 6. Can I review my account for call, SMS, payments and managing various features?
  • 7. What is the Premium Quality Calling Package?
  • 8. What is Multi-Ring?
  • 9. What is Voice2Email?


  • 1. What types of payment do you accept?
  • 2. What currency do you accept?
  • 3. How are call minutes charged on my Service Plan and Virtual Number?
  • 4. How are monthly plans billed?
  • 5. How are Virtual Numbers billed?
  • 6. How do I cancel my account/monthly plan/Virtual Number?




  • To make it simple to understand, there is two scenarios when traveling: WiFi or No WiFi which are clearly displayed in real time on the top right corner of your GoIDD app. If you plan to use your smartphone only in WiFi covered area then you do not need to do much when travelling. However there are situations when you have no WiFi including blocked WiFi in hotels or airports. Many places including hotels or convention center do block WiFi or make only weak WiFi network available so that you have no choice but pay for their so called premium WiFi service or worse use your hotel phone to make international calls which are one of the most expensive calls any entity can bill. In that case you have to find an alternative route to reach the GoIDD network (for simplicity, essentially the internet). One way is to use the local cellular network to make that connection. You are essentially calling a local number to connect to our network. You do not have to figure out the local number to call nor your location or the multiple details to make that connection. All you really need and want is to dial the number you want to reach from GoIDD app. The app will figure out all the details and will automatically route your call not only to the cheapest but the clearest connection to your contact oversea. You then will be able to make an international call in an area without WiFi for the price of a local call. Note that the cost of that local call is billed by the local service provider you choose and the bill will be from that provider and not from GoIDD. To do that you get a local SIM card for your phone or rent a local smartphone then download the GoIDD app to connect to GoIDD network. GoIDD is actually the lowest or one of the lowest international phone services anyone could find in the world when traveling coupled with convenience and simplicity. The following is for your own knowledge and you can read the below to truly understand how amazing GoIDD is and all the advantages of GoIDD when traveling when compared to the traditional cellular carrier or other system including phone cards. You have to first understand the many complicated precautions you have to do so that you do not incur without realizing it, the huge charges from your regular cellular network when traveling. We can explain it best below under questions that you should ask about international calls using your traditional mobile provider but never quite know where to start:
  • 1. Will my mobile phone work in other countries?
  • 2. If I have a GSM phone that can operates on multiband, what else do I need to know before traveling to Europe if I do not have GoIDD?
  • 3. What is roaming?
  • 4. What is a SIM card SIM stands for?
  • 5. And why would I want an unlocked phone?
  • 6. How do I get an unlocked phone?
  • So how GoIDD is the ideal app choice for me when traveling?
  • 1. If you have access to WiFi when abroad, you have to do little or nothing. You will be gladly being amazed that with GoIDD most of your calls are free when you call friends locally. Your friends will not incur any extra charge beyond the usual and customary charge from their local mobile carrier. For you, with GoIDD, all you incoming or out coming calls are free as long as you have WiFi. When you arrived in the foreign country, there no need to do much except turn-on your smartphone with the preinstalled GoIDD app in a WiFi covered area and you are good to go for free local call to your local acquaintances or international calls to your family back at home or other countries. No need to reset your phone if you have WiFi locally available. No need to register with any provider. No need to unlock your phone and you still has your U.S. number. However, remember to turn off roaming so that you do not incur any surprise from your mobile carrier at home. A call from a friend in the U.S may not go through but you still may incur a roaming charge even if you phone is turned off but roaming is not deactivated.
  • 2. If you do not have access to WiFi or data, unlike other systems, you can still make calls on GoIDD, using our Call-through feature. (Please read the section on Call-Trough for more detail). You should get service with a LOCAL carrier to minimize the cost of your international call using GoIDD network. The Call-through feature allows you to connect to GoIDD network when WiFi or data are not available using the local carrier network, using an unlocked GMS phone, renting or buying a compatible local phone. Thus, you can combine GoIDD with an unlocked phone with service provided by the local carrier to have one of the cheapest or free and simplest international AND local calls that a traveler will ever have. Note that the local phone carrier will charge you for local calls and data plan independent of GoIDD when you do not have WiFi available.
  • 3. Note that if you decide to get a local SIM card, then you have a new local number. If you register this local number with GoIDD then you will get a $1 credit as a new customer in that country. If you get all your friends in that country to use GoIDD, then your friends will get free credit while you will get more credit for referring your friends. The great thing is there is no limit to earn credit by referring your friends. Your international calls on your trip abroad may be all on us free, if you can register enough of your friends to use GoIDD. They will get the same benefits including bonus and ability to earn credits as you do. Please refer to the appropriate FAQs sections/features regarding incentive credit for details.
  • 2. How does phone card compare to your service?
  • 5. Why did you build into the app the ability to give credit to family and friends?
  • 7. What are the various ways for me to use the credit gift option?
  • 8. Do we expect to see or hear ads or promotions when using GoIDD?


  • 1. VN: You grandparents in your home country want to call you cheap: you buy a virtual number for them. When they call that number which is a local number in their home country, they reach you in the US. They can call you for a landline or cell phone. You can forward that number to any number in the US including a FAX number. Thus you grandparent can fax you document at cheap price wherever you want.
  • 2. 800 number: You family oversea wants to be able to call anywhere at cheap rate. You buy an 800 number for them. They can use the 800 numbers to reach you and other people across the world at a cheap rate. Note: If they need to call only you then you buy a VN for them to call. But if they need to call different people at many different locations then an 800 is the better option to buy for them.
  • 3. Gifting credit: Your kids want to register on GoIDD to make cheap calls but they do not yet have bank account or credit card. You register for them then you buy minutes on your own account then gift these minutes to your kids. Thus you not only can control the amount of usage (by limiting gift to a small number of minutes each week for example) but can allow your kids to use their own phone and recharge the minutes for them. No credit, no bank account, no problem. Your kids do not have to be physically with you but can be anywhere in the world for you to give them minutes. You control the amount of credit that they use.
  • 4. Safety: Recharge or top-up mobile credit when travelling: Now your kids are traveling. It is much easy in case of travelling to be able to recharge for them at the touch of a button right from where you are at home or from wherever you are and right from where they are without them going to a store, bank or get to an internet café in a foreign country without using cash or a credit card. It adds security to their travel.
  • 5. You have a sick parent oversea who cannot physically walk to the local store to pay for the minutes. You can just gift minutes from wherever you are after you register them. Your parent does not have to go anywhere for their phone call needs. No more trip to the distant store to buy prepaid phone card. No need to go to the rare place to pick up money that that you wired them to buy these phone cards.
  • 6. Incentive: Your kids can earn their own credit to make phone calls by referring other people to use GoIDD. There are many benefits for you and your kids who will better understand the value of hard work and money. There is no limit on how much credit you can earn. You may not have to give them allowance anymore to pay for their phone calls. Any of their friends who become a GoIDD user and load the app, can talk to them for free.
  • 7. Gifting credit as mobile recharge when travelling: You just landed in a foreign country in the middle of the night. You are about to run out of minutes and cannot reach your spouse at home who usually recharge your minutes by gifting you credit. If you have a large number of contacts who use 7. GoIDD, then every one of these contacts could potential help you by transferring some of their unused credit to you. You or your spouse can in the near future refund them by transferring credit back to them.
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